Our History

The 2015 Pinnacle Award Winning Chapter of the El Paso Society for Human Resource Management was originally established in April 1954 as the Personnel Managers Association of El Paso. The organization evolved over the years and transitioned through the American Society of Personnel Administrators (ASPA) and into the El Paso Society for Human Resource Management. The chapter was affiliated with the National Society for Human Resource Management in 1978.

El Paso SHRM: Chapter 292

Past Presidents

From 1954 until now, we have had members serve in a variety of roles on our Executive Board.  We present a list of members who are Past Presidents of our chapter.

  • Leo Harris
  • Cleo F Jarrett
  • Robert Banner
  • William Langley
  • Ted Pierce
  • Dudley Wallen
  • A.H. Hughey
  • W.B. Langley
  • R.W. Koogler
  • H.E. Crowson
  • Eugene Green
  • Frank Smith
  • Al Scastat
  • Loreta Caile
  • R.C. Holzhauer
  • Dana Wray
  • Jerry Graves
  • Mary Jo Lee
  • Fred Calderon
  • Donald Morrill
  • Anita Rodriguez
  • Helen Hougland
  • Teresa Trinidad
  • Judson Caruthers
  • Ken Sutherland
  • Laura Ayoub-Keith
  • Janie Shockley
  • Linda Harper
  • Rebecca Rash
  • Kelly Neil
  • James Carroll
  • Elizabeth Hill
  • Glenn Hinton
  • Joe Underwood
  • Irma Lopez
  • Virginia Tena
  • Benita Munoz
  • Cindy Capanna
  • Lucy Acuna
  • Debra Curry
  • Daniel Margrave
  • Linda Torres-Kleinhans
  • Linda Ball Thomas
  • Susan Barlow
  • Sharon Voelz
  • Fred Perea
  • Betsy Keller
  • Pat Freddi
  • Melissa Carrillo
  • Melissa Laibinis
  • Mayela Alvarez
  • Claudia Camacho
  • Jennifer Alarcon 
  • Art Gloria - Present 




Important Information


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El Paso Society for Human Resource Management is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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